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BDSM toys are growing in popularity each year, but one type in particular are electro sex toys. It is a misconception that electro-sex is about the application of pain – it’s a little more intricate and versatile than just that; although if pain is your thing, then this particular deviant activity will certainly not disappoint, this fetish offers you both a heavily orgasmic pleasure alongside a sadistic satisfaction…

Everyone needs to start somewhere when exploring something new, and this article can help to give you a few pointers as well as touching upon some of the serious stuff, such as safety. So let’s commence with our examination of this ever-intensifying style of play, and explore just why these kits are so popular in the online sex toys community!

Your body is an excellent conductor of electricity because we’re predominately made of water; therefore, electricity can pass through the body, stimulating your nerve endings until you are truly tickled, teased… or feeling a touch sensitive.

But first things first; once you have picked your chosen kit, always use a conducting gel when attaching electrodes – not only will this help the frequency pass through to your body, it also helps keeps the pads in place. Using a water-based lubricant is beneficial because dry skin can hinder the electrodes’ ability to function properly, as electricity doesn’t pass through the skin efficiently and can even cause pain. Lubricating your skin will increase your sensitivity so you experience something a little more exciting and intense; in fact, the more lube you apply, the higher the intensity, so keep reapplying if BDSM is indeed your chosen way to play.

It’s advisable to play around and discover which areas you prefer to be stimulated the most, but here are a few recommendations to help get you started, which are tried-and-tested – and even have a little science behind them; it’s no wonder they feel so good!:

Guys: attach an electrode to the outside of one buttock, and another on the inside of the opposite buttock, then place another where your thigh meets your pelvis, keeping a few inches away from the penis.

Women: attach the electrodes to each inside leg, just above the ankle bone, and another on the bikini line, where your thigh meets your pelvis.

Of course, this type of play isn’t exclusively for a dominant partner applying the charge to their submissive. You can both enjoy an electrifying time together:

Place one electrode at the base of the penis, slightly to the left and a few inches away, and attach another electrode to the top left by the opening of the vagina, approximately the same distance away as the man’s electrode is to his penis, then begin your sexual intercourse, for an intensifying thrill that’ll set hearts a-racing and sparks a-flying within the bedroom!

When you’re new to electro-sex you may feel slightly tender, as the skin can become sensitive in the spot where you attached the electrodes. If you moisturise afterwards, however, this will null the slight stinging sensation you may be experiencing. This tingle isn’t a result of the charge, though – it’s due to the application of the electrodes, and this is why it is recommended that you use a water-based lubricant when applying them. Muscle twinges and slight soreness can be experienced for a few days, but these soon wear off and they are nothing to be concerned about. After use, don’t forget to keep your electrodes clean, you can use your standard adult device cleaning products on the pad, but always make sure that the connectors are dry when you are ready to use them! You can find a wide range of electro sex toys online from For the Closet.