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Sensory Play – With Wax Candles And Pinwheels

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Sensory play is a subject that all couples should undertake a little sensual investigation into. The use of bondage candles can really deliver a pleasurable warmth into your sex life. These specially-made bondage toys are cleverly made so that the wax only heats to a certain temperature; the flame is hot enough to melt the candle – and heat the skin – without burning you, or causing some serious injury. …

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Sex Toys & Watching Porn

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Porn is a massive industry which has taken advantage of modern technology. Most of us today own either a computer, smartphone or tablet; all of which are ideal for downloading or streaming pornographic material. It isn’t hard to see why porn is so popular as it lends a way to where we live out fantasies in our head, and self-explores the possibilities of what we may find hot or not.…

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