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For The Closet offers a wide range of intimate products, to suit everyone’s needs; and here we’ll have a look at some of our most popular brands – and what they have to offer at affordable prices – which make them the perfect gift, to treat yourself, or your significant other. This is our guide to the Five of the Best Vibrators:

Swedish company Lelo is known for their innovative devices and sleek designs, which lend their products a classy and comfortable feel. The craftsmanship behind these products is obvious, constructed as they are from materials which are both non-toxic and phthalate-free; and their merchandise is energy-efficient too. These toys are considered throughout the world to be some of the most desired on the market, offering a wide range of choice and fun:

The Lelo Cerise G-spot vibrator – This item has transformed orgasms for many women; whether used alone or with a partner, it never fails to provide an intense experience. With a rotating shaft, many of the G-spot vibrators are controlled via remote control and is the perfect accessory for those who like being teased and pleasured at the same time.

Whatever your personal preference is regarding vibrators, it has to be said that Rocks Off is surely one of the funkiest sex toy companies that we’ve seen hit the market. Established in the UK, the company recently celebrated its tenth birthday, and continues to grow in popularity each year, making it one of the biggest brands in Europe. Rocks Off products are all assembled with safety in mind, using only platinum-grade silicone, and being 100% waterproof unless otherwise stated; each product has its own registration number, which also acts as a guarantee, enabling you to always buy with confidence when it comes to Rocks Off products:

The Rocks Off Seven Speed Big Boy Black prostate massager – Definitely designed with guys in mind, prostate massagers are cool gadgets. Its packaging is super-stylish and comes packaged with information about male pleasure spots. Assuring perfect pleasuring of the prostate, male sex toys can be extremely firm, allowing the vibrations to travel along, stimulating the prostate and giving the user plenty of control over how much pressure is used. The materials used in the manufacture of all Rocks Off products have a velvety, matte-like texture, which is specially designed to hold lubricant, delivering a long-lasting and pleasurable experience. And, it must be noted, all Rocks Off toys are packaged with batteries included, so there is no need to wait once your product arrives!

Vibe Therapy successfully develops a range of sex aids adhering to high-quality standards, as well as being easy-to-use, infusing a couple’s sex lives with sensuality and passion. Vibe Therapy have designed a range of vibrators, pulsators and dildos that are undoubtedly attractive, as well as fun, and the company continues to grow, developing some of the finest sex toys you can find:

The Vibe Therapy Grandiose Vibrator – this toy certainly lives up to its name when it comes down to female orgasms, with its choice of vibrational programmes; the Grandiose Vibrator provides an even distribution of vibrations, as well as clitoral stimulation. Even though this vibe is a big one, it’s still comfortable to use, and not overly heavy. These women’s sex toys also boast attractive packaging and are available in varying colours. Highly sought-after products, which can last a lifetime with the correct care.

Check out the Jimmy Jane Chroma – this is another very popular toy, highly-rated with respect to its performance levels. A sleekly-designed, fully waterproof external vibrator – allowing it to be used on all the erogenous zones – this toy also has a USB magnetic charger, making it ideal for travelling too. So if you’re looking for something with a powerful feeling, yet which is easy to handle, and not overly cumbersome to use, then this vibe from Jimmy Jane makes a perfect gift for your loved one.

The Je Joue Mimi Massager offers a full clitoral vibratory experience; the company’s outlook is this: sexual pleasure should always be fun, and we all differ with regards to how we attain that pleasure. All products by Je Joue are highly attractive, available in an array of pretty colours, which can be collected over time if you so desire. Je Joue toys are beautifully crafted, and are constructed from a smooth silicone, and produced with a velvety finish, in stylish patterns and capable of varying speeds. Mimi has a rounded tip and warms quickly; it’s easy to hold and is suitable for both women and men – even though it is technically a clitoral massager – as it can be used on all erogenous zones and can be incorporated into sex quite easily, bringing you both to orgasm with hardly any effort at all. The Mimi isn’t overly intimidating and is an extremely attractive top-end toy which delivers on all it promises so you won’t be left disappointed. Je Joue has created an enticing selection of adult devices, available at very reasonable prices for such powerful devices.

They’re fun and fully BodySafe, so there’s no potentially harmful components or materials to worry about. Je Joue toys are highly versatile, adapting to wherever your imagination takes you, whether in solo play or with one’s partner. These devices not only exceed expectations on a performance level, they’re immensely attractive designs; sex aid items which could be left out in the open, and nobody would be any of the wiser regarding their function.

If you were considering updating your toy box with some of the most advanced toys on the market, then these five would make a welcome addition to anyone’s bedroom play. All remarkably adaptable – and each with a pristine reputation for delivering complete satisfaction bolstering them – these devices will last you for many years – (If you look after your toy as well as it treats you!) It’s no wonder that some women can fall in love with their vibe – when there is so much greatness to choose from, and so much pleasure to be obtained!