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The Best Spanking Paddles: Punish Your Naughty Submissive

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Who doesn’t like a little spanking sprinkled in with their BDSM? Spanking is a excellent way to stimulate all those sensitive nerve endings, and whether you like to receive a slap or a tickle, it never fails to release a ton of endorphins – a feel-good factor for your brain! So regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to a little impact play, or an old hand, there are plenty of ways to keep this style of bondage fresh, because it is so versatile.

A good spank on your behind increases the blood flow to your genitals, which in turn enhances arousal, but you needn’t stop at just that – Hands, feet, thighs, breasts, pecs and shoulders can all withstand a certain amount of contact, but the area that you intend to spank can determine if you should use specially-made bondage gear or not, and how you make contact with the body, as some areas are better suited to receiving softer, yet quicker, strikes, while others befit harder, concise hits.…

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