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The Basic Rules of BDSM (And What It’s All About)

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BDSM stands for Bondage-Discipline-Sadism-Masochism. There are many areas of sexual arousal which are classified under the umbrella term BDSM, depending on whether you’re more inclined to lean towards being a dominant, or a submissive, participant.

Bondage usually takes the form of a mild punishment; being restrained, often with tethers of some kind, whilst your punishment is administered. This restraint-punishment can then escalate in intensity, up to extreme pain, and subsequently to the point of possibly being defined as “torture”. Regardless of what level of BDSM you enjoy, it should always be consensual, safely played out, and kept sane.

Many couples are discovering that bondage can be a sensual and erotic experience, which is the vital approach towards BDSM, and experimenting with bondage restraints, to spice up their sexual play. The dominant partner (or Dom) performs the tying and administering; while the other – the submissive (or Sub) – is being tied and receiving.…

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