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Women’s Sex Toys: Get The Personal Touch

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The Clone A Willy designers are renowned for manufacturing realistic, customised, state of the art, skin-mimicking resins, which supply a realistic and detailed finish to their works. The saga began when Empire Labs, an enterprise which originated in San Francisco during the nineteen-nineties, were approached by a film company to create realistic penis replicas.

It was here that a classic was born! It didn’t take the creative minds at Empire Labs long to design a retail version, and soon, these kits were featured on a variety of TV programs, and have also since enjoyed spotlight appearances in many a well-known Hollywood film too; what better recommendation could you want?

This fun and the funky kit is an essential addition to one’s foreplay; when it comes to women’s sex toys, it’s truly exquisite – and highly personalised. These wonderful creations came in all shapes and sizes, and the kit is easy to use and provides you with everything that you need to make a replica of your penis.…

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