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Beginner’s Pegging Play: The Best Strap-On?

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Trying something new when it comes to kink can be both exciting, and at times overwhelming, as you might not be sure where to start – so, this guide is here to give you the lowdown on all you need to know, ensuring you get the very best info with regards to selecting the best strap-ons for your needs, allowing you to experience the heightened senses, and intimate pleasure, that strap-on dildos and lesbian sex toys used for pegging can provide.…

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The Very Best In Sexy Lingerie!

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Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect item of sexy underwear for yourself, to entice and seduce your partner, or whether you’re a guy, looking to buy for your lover – allow us to give you some useful ideas, as we showcase some of the sexiest, prettiest and classiest lingerie and bra sets, available; attractive attire that won’t fail to set hearts beating and blood pumping when your special occasion rolls around. From the very top end of designer lingerie to their more affordable counterparts, we take a look at what is currently on the market:…

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Incorporate Gay Sex Toys – Into These Top Fetishes!

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We all share sexual fetishes; and although they may differ, there is one thing about them that remains certain – that in this modern world, our fetishes can be catered for. Whatever your fetish, you can rest assured that you can find gay sex toys which fit your fetish perfectly. So let’s take a look at the top five gay male fetishes that you can have fun with, exploring different ways to incorporate some of the best sex toys around:…

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Role-Play… and Sexy Costumes!

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Are you looking for new and exciting ways to ignite your sex life?

Then why not consider a little role-play with some fetish clothing or sexy costumes? This safe and sexy way to play will get your imagination flowing, and all you have to do is remember that role-play should always be fun; it is about acting out your sexual fantasies in new ways, that both appeal to you and your lover, and one of the easiest ways to implement this is with the use of sex toys.…

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