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Forced Orgasm: The Best Accessories!

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Forced orgasm” is the term used for the act wherein a person is deliberately trying to prevent themselves from climaxing. It is a common way to play within the Bondage gear community, especially when it involves a dominant and a subservient partner or medical fetish – the submissive participant must delay their orgasm while they are within the controlling thrall of their spouse, who is nevertheless stimulating them. This can be done by performing sexual acts, and utilising vibrators, while the submissive partner is restrained via bondage equipment.…

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Yoga Poses for better sex

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Yoga Poses for better sex

A beautiful Infographic created by For The Closet, which shows how you can enhance your sex life with yoga.

How can yoga classes benefit your sex life?

The main benefit of yoga — both in and out of the bedroom — is reducing stress. Studies suggest that regular yoga practice helps reduce stress levels in the body by decreasing cortisol levels. Increased stress can have many negative effects on the body, and decreased sexual desire is one of them.

Yoga may also help improve overall sexual function. One study watched 40 women as they practiced yoga for 12 weeks. After the study ended, researchers concluded that the women had a significant improvement in their sex lives thanks to yoga. This is a small sample size and only one study, but the connection between yoga and a better sex life is promising.

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Enlarge Your Penis With Penis Pumps

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Penis pumps are a piece of equipment which can help you to get a bigger penis; their usage can contribute to gains in length and girth, and make erections harder, for longer. A type of pump is a device which has a vacuum constriction cylinder and a seal, which attaches to the tip of the penis, and which maintains the vacuum. This will make the penis erect and will guarantee that the blood flow extends down the length of the penis, to the tip, giving you hardening, lengthening and widening results, which will last for a reasonable amount of time. The sealing band can be left on the penis for up to thirty minutes at a time, allowing for successful intercourse.…

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Bondage Restraints for First Timers

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It’s fair to say that there has been a stigma surrounding bondage for many years. It was always a something of a no-no, off-limits and not spoken about, but recently, it seems, that we have observed a shift in regards to the perspective of the general public, as more and more people are yielding to their curiosity when investigating new ways in which they can enjoy intimate experiences with their partners.…

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