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Thrusting Vibrators


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Made of super soft jelly, this vibrator sex toy comes with a penis shaped head for smooth insertion. The vertically expanding shaft doubles to give a rippled feel for enhanced stimulation, while the hummingbird hovers on a perfect angle from the vibrator shaft to provide clitoral arousal. The vibrator’s thrusting shaft practically does the entire moving, so you just need to sit back and relax!

The head goes in and out, fast and slow, while the bird moves around to touch all your internal pleasure areas. Thrusting Vibrator is a truly customizable sex toy experience at your fingertips. Enjoy it with your favorite lubricant for slippery sensual enjoyment.

Pleasure your intimate & erogenous zones with thrusting vibrators & for simultaneous clitoral stimulation, try rabbit thruster vibrators. Heavenly indeed!