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Isn’t the thought of lasting longer in bed quite intriguing? Well now the secret to be able to go on and on and on is in your reach. For the Closet brings for you Fleshlight Training Units that is a sex toy that will help you find your rhythm, enjoy a longer performance and let you experience intense orgasm. The soft sleeve of the Stamina Training Unit is as close to real as it can get and it gives you perfect stimulation with a great texture and elasticity. The high quality material is promising in terms of durability while it is very convenient to clean as well. With the STU, train your bundle to last longer and explore the joys of masturbating in a way that were once available only for women.

Get the Fleshlight Training Unit complete sets and put your worries about the lube, cleaning as well as maintenance of the toy, away.


Increase you sexual stamina beyond boundaries with Fleshlight Training Units. Explore Fleshlights Complete Sets for an 'all in one' deal you can't resist!