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Super Strap Super Sheet

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Product Code: SE-2665-11-3
£43.18 £34.54


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EAN 0716770038272
SIZE King Size
WASHING Wipe down
BRAND California Exotic

Are you a lover of wild wet fun, enjoy lavishly indulging in erotic slip and slide playtimes?

When you indulge in your favourite liquid fetish fantasy the last thing you want is to damage your furniture or carpet. So, with this in mind we have for your erotic wet playtimes the Super Strap Super Sheet, a gorgeous vinyl, shiny, and versatile King sized sheet that is perfect for draping over chairs, couches, beds, floors, or just about anything and anywhere you can think of.

The perfect protection for your furniture if you are a lover of erotic sensual oil play, an indulger in wet play, or have a liquid fetish. Whatever your erotic desire, if it involves liquid the Super Strap Super Sheet will keep everything clean and protected while you engross yourself in your fantasy!

Cover up and have that fabulous fantasy fulfilled!

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