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Get The Most From Your Adult Toys, Using These Steamy Sex Positions

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Squats – This position is one which many have tried and loved (and it will forever hold a place in their hearts!); it will allow you to experience sensations like no other – and until you try it, you won’t fully understand. It works very well with big dildos – as you squat on top, you can lower yourself slowly onto it; then, move up and down. This incredibly arousing position enables you to achieve the utmost in mind-blowing and fulfilling climaxes.…

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Incorporate Gay Sex Toys – Into These Top Fetishes!

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We all share sexual fetishes; and although they may differ, there is one thing about them that remains certain – that in this modern world, our fetishes can be catered for. Whatever your fetish, you can rest assured that you can find gay sex toys which fit your fetish perfectly. So let’s take a look at the top five gay male fetishes that you can have fun with, exploring different ways to incorporate some of the best sex toys around:…

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An A-Z Of Sex Toys!

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Let’s have some fun, and uncover our A-Z of sex-toys! If you’re seriously looking for new ideas to tempt you, there are plenty of items mentioned here which could allow the discovery of new levels and varieties of pure pleasure, sensations that could enable your very own sexual revolution…. sit back, relax, and stock up on batteries – as we guarantee that you’ll see something to capture your imagination and set your body tingling with desire!…

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