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Sex Toys & Watching Porn

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Porn is a massive industry which has taken advantage of modern technology. Most of us today own either a computer, smartphone or tablet; all of which are ideal for downloading or streaming pornographic material. It isn’t hard to see why porn is so popular as it lends a way to where we live out fantasies in our head, and self-explores the possibilities of what we may find hot or not.…

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Incorporate Gay Sex Toys – Into These Top Fetishes!

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We all share sexual fetishes; and although they may differ, there is one thing about them that remains certain – that in this modern world, our fetishes can be catered for. Whatever your fetish, you can rest assured that you can find gay sex toys which fit your fetish perfectly. So let’s take a look at the top five gay male fetishes that you can have fun with, exploring different ways to incorporate some of the best sex toys around:…

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Forced Orgasm: The Best Accessories!

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Forced orgasm” is the term used for the act wherein a person is deliberately trying to prevent themselves from climaxing. It is a common way to play within the Bondage gear community, especially when it involves a dominant and a subservient partner or medical fetish – the submissive participant must delay their orgasm while they are within the controlling thrall of their spouse, who is nevertheless stimulating them. This can be done by performing sexual acts, and utilising vibrators, while the submissive partner is restrained via bondage equipment.…

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