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Using A Sex Toy For The First Time

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The sex toy industry is one of the largest and one of the oldest industries in the world. It is thought that dating back to the Egyptians and even possibly the neolithic era, with the discovery of stone carved dildos. When you have purchased your first sex toy; it is very natural to feel a little nervous, as you are not sure what type of stimulation it is going to create, and whether you will like the feel of it?

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Of course; anything which you are not enjoying or if your experience any kind of discomfort, you must stop. It is best to take some time out just for yourself, make sure that distractions are well out of the way, and treat yourself to some pampering. Take a long hot bath soaking in bubbles, take your time. When your water gets cold, add some more hot! I’m sure you are getting the picture that I am trying to paint?…

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What’s the best sex toy for G spot stimulation?

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The female G-spot has been a delicate talking point for many years when the subject turns to female sexuality. Originally discovered by women intent on developing their own self-discovery skills, the g-spot was officially identified by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, during the nineteen-forties.

It’s due to Doctor Grafenberg that we refer to this erogenous zone as the G-spot. The G-spot isn’t always that easy to find, which is why manufacturers have developed vibrators and sex toys for the sole purpose of stimulating the G-spot. The G-spot is located a couple of inches into the vagina, along with the front wall.

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Kinky Sex Toys For Couples

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A little bit of kink during your bedroom activities? It doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around the traditional play arrangement, that of there being a dominant partner and a submissive partner; there are sex toys for couples which you can incorporate into your bedroom play that can be used by both participants, and other couples sex toys which can be used to put some spice into your sex life really.…

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How to make sure you’re buying a Body Safe sex toy?

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In this modern world, there is a great emphasis placed on looking after ourselves; we choose the kind of food we eat, where our coffee is grown and how our clothes are made but do we place these high standards upon the sex toys we use? Sex toys can fall through the net when it comes to regulations and testing, so it falls to reputable manufacturers of sex toys, and high-class sex toys shop, such as…

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Beginner’s Pegging Play: The Best Strap-On?

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Trying something new when it comes to kink can be both exciting, and at times overwhelming, as you might not be sure where to start – so, this guide is here to give you the lowdown on all you need to know, ensuring you get the very best info with regards to selecting the best strap-ons for your needs, allowing you to experience the heightened senses, and intimate pleasure, that strap-on dildos and lesbian sex toys used for pegging can provide.…

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An A-Z Of Sex Toys!

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Let’s have some fun, and uncover our A-Z of sex-toys! If you’re seriously looking for new ideas to tempt you, there are plenty of items mentioned here which could allow the discovery of new levels and varieties of pure pleasure, sensations that could enable your very own sexual revolution…. sit back, relax, and stock up on batteries – as we guarantee that you’ll see something to capture your imagination and set your body tingling with desire!…

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