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Condoms: Definitely Not “One Size Fits All!”

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When the subject is condoms, a little knowledge is everything! One size, for sure, doesn’t fit all; the key to a correctly fitting condom is the shape, and the width-size, at the base of the penis. Many men find that they fall in-between Condom sizes – regular condoms may fit at the base, but not anywhere else, as the girth of the head of the condom often isn’t relative to the width fit. But fear not! The perfect-fit condom is out there; you just need to know a few facts before going out to buy your next pack of contraceptives.

The majority of manufacturers now label their condoms with a base-width and shaft shape, but it can still require a little trail and error; they tend to come in four main shapes: straight, flared, large head, and tapered head. Thin Condoms tend to be straight – this means that they are the same width at the base and tip, and are ideal if you have a slimmer shaft; Durex condoms manufacture a high-quality straight / slim condom.…

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