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Sexy Uniforms: The Best Adult Fancy Dress!

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When the subject of conversation turns to male costumes, guys in uniform will spring to mind; but there are some sexy costumes capture the imagination more than others – yet regardless of which particular uniform a guy may be wearing, there’s just something about a man in the sexy fancy dress which is hot!


Men of all shapes and sizes look great in uniform; they make a great combination, and there’s something there on a psychological level too – after all, you can see hot guys in uniform every day: firefighters, police officers, even the postman(!), but seeing an average guy take on a new persona just adds that little extra something which introduces a level of masculine appeal, and often there are the connotations of “control” present in some form – and to be able to break through some of those rules and regulations can evoke the image of debauchery, and role-play, on the highest level, so what’s not to love about adult fancy dress?…

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Sexy Nightwear, Heels And Lingerie!

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Here at For The Closet, we are well aware that wearing sexy outfits and costumes, accompanied by a pair of high heels, can really boost your confidence – as well as knocking your partner off his feet when you’re ready to gain his attention.

A taste for heels and sexy nightwear is undoubtedly one of the most popular fetishes we cater to; after all, a woman, wearing killer heels and lingerie sets really is a spectacular vision, one that’s sure to spur your mind wandering – before settling on some of your finest -and filthiest! – fantasies. There’s just something about heels which screams femininity, and sensuality.

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Plus-Sized Lingerie for Women with Curves!

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There are plenty of styles of underwear on the market of course – but some of them simply are not any use to a woman with curves; plagued with bra cups that are too small and thongs which disappear, are uncomfortable, and to be blatantly honest, leave you feeling disheartened, and very far from the sexy goddess you imagined yourself. However, this no longer has to be the case!…

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The Very Best In Sexy Lingerie!

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Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect item of sexy underwear for yourself, to entice and seduce your partner, or whether you’re a guy, looking to buy for your lover – allow us to give you some useful ideas, as we showcase some of the sexiest, prettiest and classiest lingerie and bra sets, available; attractive attire that won’t fail to set hearts beating and blood pumping when your special occasion rolls around. From the very top end of designer lingerie to their more affordable counterparts, we take a look at what is currently on the market:…

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Role-Play… and Sexy Costumes!

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Are you looking for new and exciting ways to ignite your sex life?

Then why not consider a little role-play with some fetish clothing or sexy costumes? This safe and sexy way to play will get your imagination flowing, and all you have to do is remember that role-play should always be fun; it is about acting out your sexual fantasies in new ways, that both appeal to you and your lover, and one of the easiest ways to implement this is with the use of sex toys.…

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