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Initiating Healthy Post-Coital Aftercare Practices

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We all love sex; and everything that comes around it. Be it foreplay, cuddling, or charismatic chemistry. There is a plethora of content available on the net around all these aspects of the sensuous activity. But while all these areas of what goes in the bedroom are important, there are other quarters that are equally primal for a healthy and flourishing endeavor under the sheets. It is well known that an exciting life lies all around the missionary position and not just in that very arrangement. Hugging, kissing, caressing, pecking, getting handsy and a little indecent are proportionately necessary as they make foreplay fun and engaging, but so is the aftercare and understanding of our emotions and bodies requirements post-coital activities. 

When we talk about aftercare in regards to sex toys, we don’t mean taking care of our bodies in their physical element; well not exactly. It is more importantly coined towards the mental, psychological and emotional turbulences that can occur within ourselves.…

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