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Sexy Uniforms: The Best Adult Fancy Dress!

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When the subject of conversation turns to male costumes, guys in uniform will spring to mind; but there are some sexy costumes capture the imagination more than others – yet regardless of which particular uniform a guy may be wearing, there’s just something about a man in the sexy fancy dress which is hot!


Men of all shapes and sizes look great in uniform; they make a great combination, and there’s something there on a psychological level too – after all, you can see hot guys in uniform every day: firefighters, police officers, even the postman(!), but seeing an average guy take on a new persona just adds that little extra something which introduces a level of masculine appeal, and often there are the connotations of “control” present in some form – and to be able to break through some of those rules and regulations can evoke the image of debauchery, and role-play, on the highest level, so what’s not to love about adult fancy dress?…

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