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Bondage Equipment – And Sensory Play

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Sensory play can be incorporated into any kind of sex scene – and cause immense sensations of pleasure when used correctly! Here, we will address some of the most popular devices for stimulating the senses – and you may be surprised at the origins of some of these devices! Medical instruments, such as the pinwheel, are devices used within the field of neurology; it was invented by Doctor Robert Wartenberg to test nerve sensitivity – hence, it became known as the Wartenberg Pinwheel.…

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Plus-Sized Lingerie for Women with Curves!

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There are plenty of styles of underwear on the market of course – but some of them simply are not any use to a woman with curves; plagued with bra cups that are too small and thongs which disappear, are uncomfortable, and to be blatantly honest, leave you feeling disheartened, and very far from the sexy goddess you imagined yourself. However, this no longer has to be the case!…

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Penis Sleeves, What Do They Feel Like?

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A good sex toys shop can always be relied upon when it comes to stocking an excellent supply of differing men’s sex toys and penis sleeves, fantastic accessories which can spice up your sex life in no time at all.

Some of these masturbators are specially designed to grant guys some of the very best sensations in oral stimulation, by creating a vacuum, which encases your penis and envelops you in the glory of a sucking sensation, a fantastic simulation of the feeling of receiving a blow job. But what could be better than getting to discover what your favourite adult entertainment star’s mouth would feel like when wrapped around your penis?…

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